What is Sync?

Sync makes it easier for global events teams to book and manage meetings, spaces and resources across their annual show program. We give time back to events teams by eliminating paper or spreadsheet-based systems that cause event managers stress and extra work when organising and managing on-site teams. Having all your team’s travel, meetings, and movements securely tracked in one place cuts down on errors, and helps get everyone on the same page, from any device, anywhere in the world. Couple that with our lightweight SMS/email comms system, slick digital signage and flexible data exports, and you have a tool that supercharges events teams throughout the year.

Background and Challenges

The customer’s role involved planning large scale presence at airshows and aerospace exhibitions at key markets globally, where sales team logistics and schedules, hotel room blocks, and transportation arrangements needed to be meticulously organised. This complex balancing act traditionally eats up a huge amount of event management time, especially when dealing with executives’ ever-changing schedules and last-minute updates. The approach became unsustainable and necessitated a complete rethink to build a smarter and more efficient process.

Before adopting Sync, our customer faced significant challenges in managing their events. Their event planning process was labour-intensive, relying heavily on manual coordination, Excel spreadsheets, and email communication. This led to difficulties in tracking changes, errors, and inefficiencies in managing meeting schedules.

Adopting Sync for Improved Efficiency

In 2014, the customer’s organisation was introduced to Sync, a tool co-created with leading brands globally in a bid to streamline the scheduling, communication, and logistics of complex show programs. Ever since, they have continued to utilise Sync as an essential part of their event planning process throughout the year.

The customer highlighted several features of Sync that greatly improved their event management efficiency:

  • User Empowerment: Sync allowed sales representatives and event attendees to manage their own client schedules and to secure suitable resources for their meetings without conflicts or the need for manual back-and-forth communication. This feature significantly reduced the need for manual coordination and allowed for real-time updates to meeting schedules.
  • Resource Management & Reporting: Sync provided a clear overview of available meeting resources, such as private conference rooms and meeting tables, with reports for each event, year on year, allowing to easily track of the event space usage & ROI.
  • Third-Party Access: The customer also utilised Sync to grant access to third-party coordinators, such as hotel concierge personnel. This streamlined the process of managing hotel & travel itineraries and communication with the third-party vendors, freeing up the events team’s time to focus on higher-level event coordination.

Results and Benefits

Upon adopting Sync, the customer observed significant benefits and positive outcomes:

  • Time Savings: The customer reported a substantial reduction in time spent on manual event planning tasks. They highlighted that they could now step away from the process and trust that Sync would handle the scheduling and updates efficiently.
  • Reduced Manpower: The streamlined nature of Sync meant that the customer required fewer personnel to manage events. The tool’s automation and user-friendly interface reduced the need for extensive administrative support, resulting in potential cost savings.
  • Job satisfaction and Well-being: The customer emphasised the improvement in their whole team’s work-life balance. Prior to using Sync, long working hours and the stress of manual planning were common. With the tool’s implementation, they could use the hours saved to focus on delivering exceptional attendee experiencees, and regain control of their events.


So what was the end result? Sync revolutionised the customer’s event management process. By replacing manual coordination with a user-friendly digital solution, the customer achieved time savings, reduced administrative burden, and improved the overall event planning experience for both organisers and attendees. The flexibility, customisation, and support provided by contributed to the customer’s success in delivering efficient and well-organised events.