”Since Sync I have regained my personal sanity, and that is priceless”


Planning your presence, of any scale, at exhibitions and tradeshows is a complex balancing act that every Events Team faces, year-round.

This customer story delves into the way that Sync revolutionised the management of the airshows, aerospace exhibitions and key markets that they attend year-round globally, for our customer – one of the world’s largest providers of aerospace systems for commercial aircraft.


Before adopting Sync, this customer faced significant challenges when managing their events. Their event planning process was labour-intensive, relying heavily on manual coordination, Excel spreadsheets, and email communication. This led to difficulties in tracking changes, errors, and inefficiencies in managing meeting schedules.

Results & benefits

By replacing manual co-ordination with a user-friendly digital solution, they were able to achieve time savings, reduced administrative burden, and improved the overall event planning experience for both organisers and attendees.

User Empowerment: Sync allowed their sales team to manage and secure suitable resource at the event for their own client meetings, ahead of time.

Reporting: reports for every resource at each event, year on year, allowed them to easily track of the event space & ROI.

Reduced manpower, time & cost savings: with the automation and user-friendly interface reduced the need for extensive administrative work for the events team and resulted in fewer personnel being needed to manage events and cost savings.

Job satisfaction and well-being: the customer emphasised the improvement in their whole team’s work-life balance. With the implementation of Sync, they could use the hours saved to focus on delivering exceptional event experiences and regain control of their events.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Before using Sync, I’d work at an air show all day and then go back and start working on the schedules for the following day, just to get everybody in line – giving me no downtime.

Sync has substantially reduced the time spent on the manual tasks of planning an exhibition and now, most of the time I can walk away, knowing it is all taken care of and managed by Sync. Since Sync I have regained my personal sanity.

I know we could quantify very easily by saying that, you know, I think that a solution like this significantly takes down the amount of manpower or persons that I need whether they’re actually at the event or not.”

– Senior Manager | Trade Shows within the Aerospace industry

What is Sync?

Sync makes it easier for global events teams to book and manage meetings, spaces and resources across their annual show program. We give time back to events teams by eliminating paper or spreadsheet-based systems that cause event managers stress and extra work when organising and managing on-site teams. Having all your team’s travel, meetings, and movements securely tracked in one place cuts down on errors, and helps get everyone on the same page, from any device, anywhere in the world. Couple that with our lightweight SMS/email comms system, slick digital signage and flexible data exports, and you have a tool that supercharges events teams throughout the year.