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Meeting and event scheduling made simple

Sync removes the time wasted trying to work with paper or spreadsheet-based systems that cause event managers stress and extra work when organizing meetings, communications, travel and resource allocation at events.

Organizing meetings and events can be hard work

You want technology that serves your needs, not adds to your stress. Sync is a digital platform that allows organisations or agencies hosting events to control and command every aspect of the event experience.

From ensuring meeting rooms are correctly allocated to creating personalised agendas for every attendee and sales rep, Sync provides clear visibility and control across the whole event, allowing event managers to focus their time and effort on providing the most personalised and professional service to all involved.

Use on any device

Fully responsive, web-based realtime interface; access gther Sync from anywhere at anytime.

See the big picture

Track KPIs and generate in-depth insights to supercharge your business’ sales. Highlight goals and opportunities, measure impact and drive success.

Streamline your process

Increase brand value with your attendees, and make cost savings with a higher level of business efficiency.

Drive and measure ROI ROI across all aspects of your event

Behind the scenes the logistics of arranging the most appropriate meeting rooms for the combination of sales person and buyer, ensuring all parties are aware of meeting time and location, and co-ordinating agendas for multiple meetings and sessions across the whole event is a complex juggling act.

Sync provides unique views on an event for the event management team, sales staff, and guests. Each has complete visibility into their own personalised agendas and the ability to use real-time messaging to make changes, get directions, or ask any other question they might need answering.

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