Managing support questions in VX - gther

Managing support questions in VX

Support is managed via the /manage admin area of the VX platform. As attendees type in the ‘Ask a question’ chat tab, their questions are logged in the admin area of VX.

The following steps detail how to respond to incoming support request:

  1. Open ‘New chat requests’ tab
  2. The ‘1’ number next to the tab shows how many unclaimed tickets there are
  3. Click an unclaimed ticket
  4. If the request is something you know how to support, click ‘Claim’ in the top right
  5. The ticket now belongs to your user account
  6. You are sent to the ‘My chat’ tab automatically when you claim a ticket.
  7. Use the textbox at the bottom to write a reply, then hit ‘Send’ in the bottom right.
  8. NOTE: The ‘video call’ function does not work currently.
  9. Once the ticket is solved, ask the user if they have any other questions or issues.
  10. If they respond no, or if the ticket remains open for 10 mins with no further message from the user, click ‘Close’ in the top right.
  11. You will then need to press the ‘Confirm close’ button to close the ticket.
  12. You may not need to press ‘refresh’ on your browser to see new chat requests coming through
  13. You can click ‘My chat’ in the sidebar to see all your active tickets.
  14. To claim a ticket from another agent click ‘All chat’ to find the support thread in question
  15. You can enter a name and press the magnifying glass button to search the list for user names, message content, or agent name.
  16. Open the thread and the ticket ownership needs to be transferred. This can be done in 2 ways:
    1. The original agent clicks ‘Close’ to close the ticket. The new agent can then press ‘Claim’ to take over the ticket
    2. The new agent clicks their ticket and presses ‘close’
  17. Click to open this chat, and click ‘Claim’ in the top right to take over dealing with the ticket.