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Create immersive brand experiences for virtual and hybrid events

Events are changing. We have created the next generation event experience platform, sustaining the world's desire to connect.

The Swiss army knife of virtual experience platforms

This platform brings all your virtual event functionality into one place, tied into a clean, minimalist and flexible design.

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Best Hybrid Event Silver

Best Hybrid Event Silver



Growth within code base



Future proof your event management technology infrastructure

Reduced travel, zero printed materials, and no food waste - VX allows organisations to achieve these goals while still providing an environment for engaging content, inspirational talks, and spontaneous conversations with other attendees.

VX enables organizations to deliver virtual events that not only provide professional and immersive brand experiences but also provide those experiences in a sustainable format.

Case study: Xperience 2021

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Flexible pricing to suit your needs

Simplicity is key. We offer different plans and subscriptions for agencies, brands and partners that give you the freedom to scale your usage based on your budget and ambitions.

Resource Hub

Home is behind, the world ahead and there are many paths to tread through shadows to the edge.

Enterprise Service

We work with global brands, and have unparalleled expertise in security, regulatory compliance and data protection. Our plans for enterprise are tailored to your needs.

Event Tips

The gther platform provides a seamless environment for consistent, branded, personalised event experiences - whether you are an attendee, agency, staff, or organiser.

Customer Support

It takes an event management professional to know how to run an event. We get that. This is why the gther platform has been built by event pros for event pros.