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Simpler venue and event management at large shows

With activations occurring across a myriad of locations in different formats, at differing times and with individual needs from AV to hospitality, organizing events for your brands and partners as an Organizer can be a juggling act.

Organizer is a digital software platform that supports world-leading event organizers in the selling and management of their international show programs.

Our experience:
forged on the show floor

We have been building events tech in the exhibition, conference and event world for over 10 years.

Organizers need technology that streamlines sales processes and provides reportable real-time ROI and insights into events.

gther Organizer takes a heavily manual process, with limited ‘out-of-date’ visibility for both internal & external users and complex communications and simplifies every elemental step within the process.

Bookings by status


Bookings by Event


Bookings by Venue

Powerful features


Real-time digital views of event bookings, along with detailed production requirements for each

Map requirements

Efficient online system for the booking of each event’s individual venue set-ups; AV, staffing, hospitality, etc

Accurate data

A digital replication of all elements of event organisation processes, allowing effective booking, management and delivery of the many parties, lunches, content screenings & sessions held in various venues

Staff profiles

Online profiles for all of event staff and partnering venues, including hotels with differing user levels and functionality

Granular views

Hugely increased efficiencies internally with online visibility of each event and the ability to deal in real-time with other team members if a need or problem arises

Flexible structure

Streamlined management within all venues. Greatly improved user experience through effective communication of bookings/requirements/updates

Creating real value

A unique tool that incorporates all the services involved in the organisation of client markets

Better visibility for both internal & external stakeholders = improved User Experience for all

No waiting time for colleagues and partners, with no version errors and visibility on possible problems and crunch points

Provide increased efficiencies internally for all event staff

Greater reporting and communication to all parties

Accelerate global growth with data-driven insights

Full multi-show deployment

Run before during and after market, and leverage data across multiple years to supercharge sales and team performance.

Create networked efficiencies by deploying the same toolset across multiple varied venues and shows, compare data between these