Registration - gther

Brandable, modular registration sites for your events

Our RSVP solution is a simple, elegant 1-page site that allows you to create powerful registration forms for your delegates.
Include different field types, and conditional sections that only show if users select a certain option.

Trigger automated emails upon form submission, download registrant data in a simple CSV file format to bring into other tools.

Invite and register
in style for your events

RSVP can handle each step in the registration process, from sending invites to capturing leads and registering attendees.

We use powerful, enterprise-grade emailing system Mailjet to create rich HTML emails that you can track at every stage.






Using Chat GPT to boost conversion on your registrations

Custom chat bots

You can create a module on your registration page that leverages the power of Chat GPT, trained with expert insight on your event, brand and business.

Get prospects the information they need to make a registration decision swiftly and accurately, whilst keeping the conversation focused on the event.

Experience this first-of-a-kind GPT registration experience by booking a demo session today!

Putting you in the driving seat to build and edit

Visual page builder

The overall page can be customized and branded to include additional content with a simple page builder.

You can take control of the page design yourself, or the gther customer success team can help design up a page that fits with your brand.

Choose from a huge library of pre-built modules for creating any kind of content!